Lowongan Kerja PT. Agung Podomoro Land

We are proud declare that Agung Podomora Land, tbk is one of the best property company in Indonesia.
Future leaders, we invited you to join ur winning team and we will develop you as a professional who can perform with highly performance in a dynamic collaborative organization.
Agung Podomoro Land Batam

We are looking for candidate to fill the position:
  1. HR and GA Manager
  2. Estimator
  3. Structure Engineer
  4. Architecture
  5. MEP Supervisor
  6. Housing/Building Inspector
  7. Sales Executive
  8. Legal Officer
  9. QS Administration
Send your CV to:
Marketing Gallery Orchard Park Batam
PT. Agung Podomora Land
Email: recruitmentbatam.apl@gmail.com

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