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Lowongan Kerja PT. United Sindo Perkasa

PT. united Sindo Perkasa a shipyard company, location at Kabil Batam. looking for candidates for positions as follow:

  1. Project Engineer
  2. Fabrication Engineer
  3. Hull Supervisor
  4. Welding Supervisor
  5. Piping supervisor
  6. Electrical Supervisor
  7. Painting Supervisor
  8. Staging Supervisor
  9. Mechanical Supervisor
  10. out Fitting Supervisor


  • 3 years relevant working experience in shipyard/heavy construction/fabrication industry
  • Well understand the flow of construction new shipbuilding
  • Able to work with all level and independently
  • Minimum Diploma in Engineering for engineer, Senior high school for the supervisor
 Send your CV to:

Lowongan Kerja PT. United Sindo Perkasa


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