Lowongan Kerja PT. Cipta Adil Industries

We are investing a world-wide environmental green project, plastic recyling, which's supported by governments in development countries.

1. Management of Factory
* Education Background B. Degree or Diploma
* 5-10 years working experience, prefer factory exp
* Experience in leading 30 operators
* Recruit and interview new operators
* Examine and assess the operators

2. Operators
* More than 2 years Experience at the same field
* Know to sort different type of Raw Matrials (such as PE, PP, PC, ABS & Etc)
* Know about Recycle Prduction specially for machine
* Can speak Bahasa dan English or Mandarin (optional)

Please send your application letter to :
PT. Cipta Adil Industries
Graha Pena Lt. 8 (805-1AG) 
Jl. Raya Batam Center, T. Tering
Batam Kota. Batam - 29641
Email : sales@ciptaadilindustries.com

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