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Lowongn Kerja PT. SYS-MAC Indonesia

We are a Forein Company seeking for highly qualified and talented candidates to fill our vacant positions :

1. Purchasing
* Male/Femalr, single, (Preferable Chinese)
* Experience min. 3 years as same position
* Able to speak English both orl and written & Mandarin is preferable
* Able to correspondent with supplier
* Able to work under pressure
* Able to work with a team
* Min. SMA
* Proficient in Ms. Officce
* Having knowledge with Row Material

2. Designer
* At least 3 years experience in Automation Environment machine design
* Knowledge of solid work 2008
* Able to prepare concept proposal according to customer requirement
* Able to design Jig & Fixture

3. ACC. Executive
* Chinese, Female
* Min. 3-5 years working experiences in similar position
* Must be able to handle full set of accounts
* Experience in handling AP
* Must be able to use aspt(Monthly & Annual Tax Report)
* Understand Indonesia Taxation and International Taxation
* Able to speak English & Mandarin
* Handling & Monitoring petty cash

4. Operator CNC Milling
* Male, Min. SMK Machine
* Experience Min. 2 years same position
* Able to use caliper, micrometer and read drawing
* Able to understand tooling (Exp. End Mill)

Please send your CV to :
HRD PT. SYS-MAC Indonesia
Puri Industrial Park 2000 Blok B No. 8-9 Batam Center 29463

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