Lowongan Kerja Rindi Liang Cipta (Ditutup 22 Juli 2017)

The national company in Batam, hiring the following to support our client high growth business:
1. Senior Odoo Developer
  • Minimum 2 years experience on Odoo devvelopment project
  • Good knowladge of Odoo both technical and functional
  • Good knowladge of phyon, HTML, Javascript, jquery and CSS
2. junior Odoo Developer
  • Fresh Graduated are welcomed
  • Have knowladge of Python, HTML, Javascript, Jquery and CSS
  • Can do a development with any programing language
General requirements:
  1. bachelor's degree in Engineering, IS/IT, or Computer science
  2. Fast and agile learner
  3. Immediate available
  4. Fluent in English, written and verbal
  5. Able to communicate in Mandarin would be an advantage
Send your CV to:
  • rindi.liang.cipta@gmail.com
Before: 22 July 2017
Lowongan Kerja Rindi Liang Cipta

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