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Lowongan Kerja PT. CCCII Sei Binti

PT. CCCII is a large enterprise which is mainly engaged in PHC piles and other precast concrete unit. The shareholder is Chinese enterprise.
  1. Operator Loader
  2. Operator (Overhead crane dan Mobile crane
  3. Welder
  4. Translator Bahasa Mandarin
  5. Ready Mix concrete Operator
  • Male and Female
  • Maximum 45 years old
  • Minimum 165cm and 65Kg
  • Minimum SMP
  • Having minimum 2 years experiences
  • Having SIO for Operator
  • Able to speak, write and read mandarin
  • For loader more prefered in mining industries
Send your applications letter and related document to:
Jalan Sei Binti Sungai Aleng
RT/RW: 01/11 Sagulung Batam
Phone: 07787361136
Lowongan Kerja PT. CCCII Sei Binti

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