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Lowongan Kerja PT. Labtech Penta International

An International education company, PT. Labtech Penta International located in Sekupang Batam, for 25 years experiencing strong growth. Manufactures and suppliers of technical and vocational education equipment - Training systems, Trainers Simulators, Supporting tools and test instruments over 65 countries around the world requires.
Product Engineers
1. Electronics
  • S1, Telecommunnication, Instrumentation and control, mechatronics
2. Electricals
  • S1, electrical energy conversation, electrics motors, power electronics, transformers
3. HVAC-Thermodynamic
  • S1 or D3, Heating ventilation and Air conditioning, Thermodynamic
4. Mechanical
  • S1 Automotive and Mechanical engineering
5. Programming
  • S1 Expert on programming language C++, Visual C, Visual Basic
General Qualifications:
  • Must be able read, write and speak english
  • Must be familiar with variety of the fields concepts, practices and procedure
  • Must be able to work with CAD
  • Must be good in Math and Physics
  • A wide degree of creativity and analysis is preferred
Lowongan Kerja PT. Labtech Penta International
Interested applicant please send your complete resume to:

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